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Favorite Sin / This Never Happened (One Seven Five #008)

by The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten, Katharsys & Forbidden Society



The Outside Agency's eighth release on their crossbreed label One Seven Five is host to collaborations with some serious international heavyweights. Favorite Sin is a collaboration with Belgium's Peter Kurten and the French duo Katharsys. Double, triple and quadruple timed machine gun fire timed to precision tells you how John Milton really feels about his favorite cardinal sin. The collaboration with Czech's snare-master Forbidden Society is rife with dark atmospherics and a kick that will take your nuts off. We would tell you more, but it really never happened and it doesn't exist.


released December 20, 2011

Written & produced by DJ Hidden, Peter Kurten, Katharsys and Forbidden Society


all rights reserved


Track Name: The Outside Agency, Peter Kurten & Katharsys - Favorite Sin
I know kung-fu.
Track Name: The Outside Agency & Forbidden Society - This Never Happened
This never happened?